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Take a look at the production process of love dolls

In order to solve some of the problems users encounter in the customization of love dolls, the author will introduce the production process of lovedolls in detail.

The first stage – early drawing design

Love doll brand manufacturer will start with some basic information.

Including the approximate body proportions, the size of each physical part or other desired values, there will be a team of designers dedicated to carving the doll, usually with the help of a computer to draw the basic graphics of the doll, has sought the accuracy of the doll.

At this stage, any changes to the parameters can be made.

This is the stage where the customer requests a custom order. The entire project needs to be discussed together, involving more complex terms and product details, and will culminate in a model drawing of the doll and a quote.

Phase 2 – Making the mold

Before the mold is opened it needs to be determined whether the raw material is TPE or silicone and although the process is the same the end result will be a reusable mold rather than a few months or a year depending on the application.

Steel films for injection molding can last a very long time, but they are also expensive!

The moldmaker will first produce a prototype piece from the drawing so that the final mold can be produced in a definite situation.

For some special requirements, the molds can also be made directly by people, if we want to release a product that is 100% identical to the original body.

Stage 3 – Injection molding

In this stage, we will reduce the material inside the mold, let it cool down, and show the final product.

For love dolls, the material inside the mold is less than the material that contains the skeleton. This is why it is not possible to change modify the thickness of the joints and all processes performed at this stage are final.

In this stage, waste material and products with low filling are produced. This is why the delivery time for orders is usually one week to two weeks. This is because sometimes we need to redo the casting due to quality issues.

Final stage – cleaning

After casting the product, it needs to be cooled in a bucket of water after being submerged. It can then be handed over to the packaging department who will apply a protective powder on it, remove all the mold lines that are still visible and pack it ready for the doll upon request.


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