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Best Options for the Full Body Massage

Sensual massage is not only an experience that can spice up your intimacy in a big way. It’s also a great way to relieve tension, relax muscles and eliminate toxins. Tips and advice to reach the 7th heaven in two turns of hands!

Prepare the scene

Create a warm, cozy and intimate space mentally prepares you for the experience. All your senses should be stimulated, so it’s important to choose a place where you can control lighting, sound, temperature, and smells. The heat is imperative since it helps the muscles to relax; while the aromatic candles of jasmine and sandalwood provide sensual lighting and scent. Although a padded table is the ideal support, a bed is also very suitable, since the only requirement is to be able to reach all the parts of the body of your lover. With the use of the full body massage the effects come perfectly.

Cover the surface with a sheet and support your head and knees (lying on your back) and your ankles (lying on your stomach) with pillows or rolled towels. Choose an instrumental CD of long duration. Have handy towels, bottled water, lubricants, and the toys of your choice (feather, eye band).

Share the experience

For massage to be a satisfying experience and to increase intimacy between partners, try to be both naked. If you are not comfortable with the idea, a bathing suit is an acceptable option. In addition, rhythmic breathing increases the sensation of relaxation. Express your fantasies, and discover your erogenous zones, it helps to intensify the experience.

Tips to increase your pleasure

Before starting, encourage him to take a bath, since the hot water helps to relax the muscles. Do not let your hands loose contact with his body; massage with a continuous rhythm and symmetry. Be aware of your reactions, use the weight of your body instead of your muscles to rub and keep your energy for a continuous and relaxing massage.

Do not forget lubricants!

This is not the choice that is missing! But beware! To avoid vaginal infections, the lubricants that come in contact with your body should be only water-based or silicone-based.

There is nothing more unpleasant than cold hands, so put your bottles of lubricants in the microwave, or keep them in hot water during the massage. Before touching the body, rub your hands to warm them up.

Best Options for the Full Body Massage

And we rub!

To start the massage, it is better to start with the back because it is one of the parts a little less sensitive of the body, it is ideal to explore its technique and to discover the exact pressure which is suitable for your partner. From here, head to the shoulders, neck, head, arms, hands and soles of the feet. Help him to turn around and then massage the face, chest, legs and then even the soles of his feet. Focus on muscular places, such as shoulders and legs, rather than bones. Use your thumbs, fingers, palms, full hand and even your arms! For a deeper feeling on the legs and arms, direct your movements toward the heart.

Finish smoothly

Even if your partner has not had an orgasm , he has at least learned some techniques, and you can be sure that the massage he will offer you will be spectacular.


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