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Dogging in the Right Posture and in the Right Motivation

The term dogging means the exhibitionist sex in the public or the semi-public area. This happens mainly outside in the public place where the other people are standing and they have the intention to watch open sex. There are even people who feel encouraged to see the action and feel the sensation. Dogging always means watching and following and some people say that it is all about making sex outside. It signifies the sex-making action of the dogs and it is like making sex in the public. It is like doing sex just like the doggies do. There are various dogging etiquettes you have the follow while making sex at random.

Implication of Dogging

It is the action of the Dogging Meets and for the same, you have to wear the condom for the prevention of STDs and this will not cause the kind of unwanted pregnancy. You can carry a box of condoms for the other people standing at the location and watching you doing the sex action. It is the right action maintained by the fellow doggers and you can provide them with the condom for that safeness in sexing. You should not do the same before the kids as the impact is going to be bad.

Dogging in Tranquility

In the mode of Dogging Meets you should not disturb the peace of the place. You can carry on with the action among people who are interested in the act of dogging. It is not a sex action that you will do to attract the attention of the watchers. During the action, it is right to stay anonymous. there is no necessity to reveal your identity or the identity of your fellow dogger. It is best to have a dogging name in the action and your fellow dogger will call you by that name.

When dogging you should do things carefully and not destroy the adjacent properties. you should also not destroy private property or get involved in the action of stress passing. You must do things judging the surrounding condition and take part in the activity with the right zeal and sexual motivation.


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