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What is SnapChat Sexting?

When most people think of sexting, they think of the old fashioned text message of the private parts of the male or female. Many people think of sexting as a neatly intimate activity where attractive individuals can foreplay with each other and turn each other on at the click or instant that they want to.

 One of the more recent developments has been the use of Snapchat to sext other people. Many people install programs like Snapsex and SnapFuck which are filled with like minded people who want to sext random people and get horny at the drop of a hat. It’s certainly a new trend and one that raises a lot of questions.

How do I SnapSex or SnapFuck?

Snapchat is a very neat platform upon which you can engage and sext with other people. All you have to do is install the app using your phone and you can sext anyone you have a phone number for or their SnapChat username. You can send a variety of sexts to anyone you want, including the old fashioned dirty word foreplay. It may not be your gig, and that’s okay. You can send the traditional picture of your privates to other people, labeling it with a witty caption or sexy group of emojis to turn on the other person. You can pull out old pictures that you think you might look really good in, you can take videos and even live chat with other people. You can actively sext with other people, masturbating and simulating sex with the use of your phone! Sex could honestly not be easier.

What is SnapChat Sexting?

 Is SnapSex safe?

SnapSex and SnapFuck are as safe as a platform as can be. One of the best features of the program is that anything you send will be deleted immediately after the other person views it. If they take a screenshot, you will be notified immediately of who did it so you can make sure that they do not release it or do anything bad with it. The immediate deletion of the picture will also only make you hornier, as you will want more from the other person and be forced to continue the conversation. Not to mention a slight angle of your boobs at the doctors office or some alone time in the bathroom lets you SnapSex anyone at any time.

There are people who are very creepy and will make your time seeking pleasure very difficult. There will be people who bother and harass you, and you can block them to stop interacting with them if things get weird. It is important to not make mistakes on who you are sending to for sexts, much like a regular text message you send to another person. You don’t wanna be that guy or gal who sends the dick pic or vagina shot to your mom or dad. How embarrassing. It is important to make sure that you always know the person you’re sending to and double check it.

 Ok then, summarize to me why I should SnapSex.

  • You can get horny on the spot. You don’t have to whip out your dick, take a sneaky picture of your vagina or finger yourself in public. Pretty useful you know.
  • You don’t have to worry about other people saving your photos and using them against you without your knowledge.

You can meet and access people who are DTF


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